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The President(s) of Brown BSU manages and supports the executive board; they set and execute the organizations’ goals and sustain the direction of the organization.  Duties of the President include: preside over and attend all regular and special meetings; maintain professional relationships with the Black community including Alumni, leadership of other Black organizations, faculty advisors and Brown Administration (i.e. UCS, UFB, & SAO); understand and educate membership while ensuring that the organization adheres to campus and organizational regulations.


There are two positions open for the presidency of the Black Student Union.


  • Must be an upperclassman (junior or senior)

  • Must have held leadership in selected student organizations for 1 year

    • Leadership in BSU E-Board is REQUIRED though experience with SAO, UFB, BCSC, and other Black organizations will contribute to your application.

  • Can run as a singular applicant, or as partners (co-presidents)









The Vice President serves in partnership on a leadership team with the President. The Vice President will have the following duties: perform the duties of President in their absence, inability to serve, or at their request; and a "catch all" position, facilitate effective communication among members of the BSU e-board. This role has the great potential to facilitate annual goals for the organization.







The Secretary will be an official club respondent and will have the following duties: record accurate minutes of all meetings; email all meeting minutes out within twenty-four(24) hours after a meeting and give a copy to the Historian.







The Treasurer will have the following duties: prepare and adhere to an approved budget; maintain accurate records; work with the fundraising committee to set annual fundraising goals and lead fundraising campaigns; keep e-board informed of financial strengths and weaknesses of the organization. They will be aided by first-year liaisons as well as other e-board members.





The Historian will work as part of the media team. Duties of the historian will include: keep a copy of any and all materials that come from the organization to be filed; work closely with the Secretary in order to maintain accurate records; assist media team with meeting and event photography; gather materials from the organization in the TWC and organize them. The Historian will also be responsible for keeping accounts of the success  of various events and how they were put together that can be used as a resource to leadership in future years.



events chairs



The Events Chairs will be responsible for the organization of most major events hosted by the BSU (i.e. Socials/Mixers, Professional Advancement Events, BSU Pageant, Halloween Party, Welcome Back Barbecue, etc.) They will be aided by the first-year liaisons as well as the rest of the e-board. There are two positions open for events. 



Public relations 




The Public Relations Chair will communicate the initiatives and events of the BSU to the Brown community. Their duties will be: obtain and advertise/market material that needs to be distributed through delivery of the weekly BSU newsletter and management of the organization's social media accounts.





The Media Chair is both webmaster of and director of all digital media production and content creation.

Projects: BSU TV, BSU Weekly, management, media and content production and delivery, etc. 




Media team




The Media Team will be comprised of the media chair, historian and deputy media chairs as well as first year liaisons. Media team seeks interested journalists, videographers and photographers. First-year students are especially encouraged to apply.



community service chair


The Community Service Chair develops programming for BSU Engage and will have the following duties: develop community service plan for the academic year and brief the e-board and general body  of the plan; collaborate with other groups. Projects include BSC, the annual Thanksgiving Foodrive, Food Bank, Holiday Gift Wrapping, and BSU campus tours. 




We envision a Black at Brown where Black Student Athletes do not have to choose between two important identities—between being black and being an athlete. Brown BSU intends to be more active in taking care of and looking out for our Black athletes. Our goal is for Brown BSU and the Black Athlete community to be two bodies that mutually support and uplift each other. 


The role of this team is to bridge the gap of communication between the Black Athlete community and Brown BSU. By way of bridging these communities, we:

  1. Increase engagement and foster community at Athletic games

  2. More swiftly and powerfully address and resolve any issues that may arise in athlete communities

  3. Build and maintain a more open, welcoming, and supportive atmosphere within the community

  4. Make sure major events and programs in the community do not conflict with major athlete events. 

*There are two open positions in the fall and two in the spring. The team consists of one upperclassman and one first year.




Executive Liaison


  • Attend all meetings at which the President and Vice President are present

  • Be organized

  • Exceptional at note-taking

  • Be curious and driven

  • Submit resume with your application (recommended, not required)



  • Help manage BSU’s core branches (Media, Communications, & Treasury).

  • Help make sure projects are executed in an orderly and timely fashion.

  • Help the executive team complete 3 year-long projects: BSU Brand Strategy, BSU Report, BSU Internal Guide 

Communications liaison



  • No prior experience needed

  • Willingness to learn and work with social media analytics and programs such as WIX and Canva.

  • Will work with both the secretary (internal communications) and the communications chair (external communications)



  • Take notes in the event that the Chair cannot be there.

  • Work with information for BSU Unite (questionnaire, feedback forms, pictures received) and help plan events.

  • Assist with the creation of social media posts and the newsletter. 



  • An interest in the betterment of the community

  • Creative and Organized

  • Ability to multitask and problem-solve

  • Exceptional communication and negotiation skills

  • People-friendly



  • Oversee and organize events that will make an impact on the black community at large.

  • Work to ensure events are successful and cost-effective, paying attention to budget and time constraints.

  • Learn the complex needs of different events and begin to understand how to navigate the network at Brown University.




  • No prior treasurer experience needed.

  • General financial literacy & excel skills are recommended.



  • Work to continue the development and expansion of merchandise sales

  • Develop marketing and fundraising strategies.

  • Utilize creative skills with product planning, design, and marketing

  • Work with the treasurer and UFB  to balance club budget and develop funding strategies for events/club endeavors.






  • Media experience is recommended but not required.

  • A desire to learn one or some of the following skills is strongly preferred: photography, videography, audio editing, photoshop, and website building using Wix.  



  • Working with the media team to produce a variety of content for BSU

  • Must be willing and available to document BSU activities, events, programs, etc.

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