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Black alumni network

What is the

Black Alumni Council?

The Black Alumni Council is a team of former black undergraduates that work towards meeting the needs of its Black alumni. It also works to connect alumni to Black students and the Brown community. The mission is to provide opportunities and resources for Black students and alumni, as well as support.


    How can i connect       with black alumni?

There are a few ways to get connected with Black Alumni.

1. BrownConnect

2. CareerLab

3. IPC LinkedIn


         Why was the

  black alumni council


Formally known as the Inman Page Black Alumni Council, this organization was formed in honor of the first known Black graduates from Brown University -- Inman PageGeorge Washington Milford as well as the first Black graduate from Pembroke College -- Ethel T. Robinson.



To find out more information about the IPC check out these links:

Inman Page Council Website

IPC Facebook Group

Brown Alumni Association

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