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Dear First Years,

We are so excited to welcome you into our community at Brown. You should be proud of yourselves for making it here because you

deserve it. While we wish you the best in your time here, we know from experience that adjusting can be difficult. Your classes are

probably harder, your social life might feel frantic at times, and

things as simple as where to get a nice shape-up might be a mystery to you. We've been there before and we've got you now.


That's why we made this guide. We know that everyone's experience is different in their first year, but there are some things we wish we knew (or didn't have to scramble to find out). So we've put together this guide with the hopes of:




  1. Informing black first-years of resources, people, and spaces that have helped black students feel equipped, safe, and supported in their time at Brown.​

  2. Creating an archive that documents how black students have navigated their time at Brown.



The black upperclassmen have come together and pooled these

resources not as a substitute for the support with which we will

provide you interpersonally but as a formal and practical source of

knowledge. We gift this to you and hope you find great use of it.




Your Upperclassmen

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