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The First Year Convocation is an annual event designed to welcome new students into the black community at Brown. The event features the formal procession of new students, an address given by President Paxton, and a reception where students can mingle and connect with various members of the black community.

The presence of Black alumna (many of whom travel vast distances to attend) coupled with that of current upperclassmen and faculty displays the solidarity and pride within the black community.

The intimate nature of the gathering is designed to promote a sense of belonging among first-year students as well as strengthen the broader network of black people at Brown.

The event honors the legacies of notable alumni as it fosters a sense of on-campus support among black students, which was a goal of many of their activist efforts.


The first annual convocation occurred in 2018 and was created in commemoration of both the 1968 walkout and the 145th anniversary of the enrollment of Inman Page, the first black student to attend Brown.

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This event is an opportunity for both a fun night and some important relationship building. Students can meet and connect with deans, professors, administators, and graduate students to learn more about resources available to them in a relaxing and entertaining atmosphere. See you there!
Oct 09, 2019, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Churchill House,
155 Angell St, Providence, RI 02906, USA
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