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executive Board 

The Brown BSU Executive Board is a group of elected officials that act as leadership. They represent and serve the student body.
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Jada W.


Class of 2024

Educational Studies with a specialization in Ethnography and Theater and Performance Studies on the dance track

"I am excited to create new traditions for the Black community and more partnerships with Black community organizations in Providence!"

jarra headshot_edited.jpg

JArra o.


Class of 2024

Computer Engineering

"I am eager to enhance the social scene at Brown and reforge connections lost during COVID, both as a student and a BSU member. I'm also focused on finishing my time here strong, looking forward to the next chapter of my life."

mya headshot.jpg


Mya C.

Vice President

Class of 2025


"Looking forward to planning fun events for the Black community and taking part in them!"

Doaa Elhassan Headshot.jpg

Doaa E.



Class of 2026

Applied Mathematics - Biology

"I am excited to meet new people and foster a supportive community for the Black population on campus!"

Bintou Photo.jpg

Bintou D.


Class of 2023

Medical Anthropology

"I’m excited to welcome more people to Brown’s black community and think about ways we can make our spaces healthier for the most marginalized members of our community."


Christina Photo.HEIC

Christina C.

Co-Events Coordinator


Class of 2023

Behavioral Decision Sciences

"I’m excited to come up with creative ways to adapt current BSU traditions to the new health and safety guidelines and to develop new events to continue strengthening community."

Faith Photo.jpg

Faith H.

Co-Events Coordinator


Class of 2023

Public Health & Theater Arts and Performance Studies

"I’m excited to find new ways of connecting with the Black community at Brown and keeping us connected and supported during this time. I’m also excited to engage with the new class of ‘24 and make them feel welcome even if we aren’t able to get together in-person."

olivia headshot.png

Olivia B.

Community Engagement Chair


Class of 2026

Biomedical Engineering

"I am looking forward to attending the BHM concert and our many events for Black History month this semester as a student and member of the BSU. As well as restocking our BSU crewnecks! Most of all, surviving the semester together as Black@Brown!"

David Photo.png
David O.
Media Chair

Class of 2022

Multimedia Communications

"I’m excited to welcome any new students and everything they bring to the Black at Brown community."

Tosin photo.jpg
Tosin O.
Deputy Media Team

Class of 2023

Africana Studies & Modern Culture and Media

"I’m incredibly excited to engage with new and familiar faces during meetings and events and for the creative ways we continue building community."


Sophia S.


Class of 2022

Africana Studies & Public Policy

"I’m excited about getting more creative with different media forms and producing more BSU content that highlights and celebrates being Black at Brown, and drives important conversations."

Cyprene Photo.JPG

Cyprene C.

Co-Public Relations Chair

Class of 2023

Africana Studies & Sociology

"I am so excited to engage in new and important conversations as a community to push our collective growth and bring us even closer together."



Nailah Photo.jpeg

Nailah T.

Co-Public Relations Chair

Class of 2023

Chemical Engineering & Public Policy

"I’m so excited for our community to reconnect in the fall and find creative ways to continue celebrating our blackness during this time."



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