About Us



The Black Student Union, originally known as the Organization of United African People (OUAP), was formed in 1967. OUAP was an umbrella organization of Black students on campus, serving as a focal point for Black cultural, political, and social activities. Through student input, OUAP worked to foster cooperation and unity within the Black community at Brown.

OUAP was responsible for publishing the African Sun, the Black cultural newsletter on campus. OUAP was at the forefront of establishing Harambee House, a dorm space that serves as an intellectual and artistic principle outlet for Black students.


Today, the Black Student Union continues to operate as a focal point of the Black experience at Brown University. We aim to offer the community opportunities for both cultural enrichment and intellectual growth through educational, social, and political programming. We hope to develop and maintain an expansive network and platform that not only empowers our community but also promotes solidarity within and beyond the gates of Brown University.


Our strength comes from the work of our students and from the courage, vigor, and sacrifice of  those who paved the way for us. We are committed to recognizing the beauty and diversity that is the Black community all while fostering an unwavering pride in our history, our future, and ourselves.