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Justin willis @ hbs

We've heard from Maedin; we've heard from Ijahala. Now let's see what Justin Willis has been up to this summer! ☀️

A recent Brown graduate, Econ concentrator and beloved member of Shades of Brown, Justin had a very fulfilling experience this past June at the Harvard Business School.

There, Justin participated in a weekend program called Peek Weekend, where he got the chance to stay on-campus, attend HBS professor-led seminars, review HBS case studies, and network with faculty, staff, current and former students. In his own words, he encapsulated what the experience meant to him and advice he has for current Brown students:

"Before Peek Weekend, stepping foot onto HBS’s campus was something I never imagined, even in my wildest dreams, because I never thought I was enough to make it there. The simple act of participating in this program gave me so much confidence in my abilities and what I am capable of doing, and my dreams are now bigger because of it. As a recent Brown graduate, I urge current students to dip their heads into as many spaces as they can, especially those they may have never seen or imagined themselves in. Doing so may change their worlds."

Great advice Justin! We're glad to see you thriving (and still serving looks 👔) Come back to visit and keep us on your mind!

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